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Aktuelles Wetter in Dortmund Eichlinghofen; min/max beziehen sich auf die vergangenen 24 Stunden.

Alle Angaben ohne Gewähr.

Temperatur (West) 2.7 °c1.3 °c5.7 °c
Temperatur (Nord) 1.8 °c0.9 °c3.5 °c
Temperatur (Schatten)↗ 0.6 °c-0.4 °c2.5 °c
Luftfeuchtigkeit (West) 78 %71 %100 %
Luftfeuchtigkeit (Nord) 78 %74 %86 %
Luftfeuchtigkeit (Schatten) 94 %88 %100 %
Luftdruck 1021 hPa1021 hPa1023 hPa
Wind 19 km/h0 km/h96 km/h
Niederschlag 0.0 mm/h0.0 mm/h0.5 mm/h
PM10 45.4 µg/m³19.8 µg/m³64.9 µg/m³
PM2,5 21.5 µg/m³11.7 µg/m³32.7 µg/m³
Licht 3878 lx0 lx5875 lx

Stand: 03.12.2022 11:10 Uhr


  • Bosch BME280 (Temperature, Pressure, Humidity via I²C). Works like a charm with the Bosch Sensortec BME280 driver
  • Maxim MAX44009 (ambient light via I²C)
  • NOVA SDS011 (PM2,5 and PM10 fine dust particles via UART). Needs post-processing when used in high humidity environments, e.g. during fog or rain. I haven't implemented that yet.
  • TFA Dostmann 30x3161 (tipping bucket rain gauge / Regenwippe with reed switch). One impulse per 0.45mm (i.e., one impulse per 0.45l/m²)
  • WH1080 anemometer (with reed switch). Wind speed in km/h is number of impulses per second * 2.4; IIRC it's one or two impulses per revolution.


Data collection is managed by a Raspberry Pi 3 and two ESP8266 boards.

Raspberry Pi 3

Powered via a 12V mains supply and a 5V step-down converter. Conversion to solar power is in progress, related data may be bogus.

Load 0.2 0.1 0.3
CPU Temperature 29 °c27 °c34 °c
Aux Temperature 27 °c25 °c27 °c
Battery Temperature 21.1 °c19.8 °c21.5 °c
Battery Voltage 12.5 V12.5 V12.6 V
USB Voltage 4.94 V4.89 V5.02 V


One is solar-powered using a small 500mV solar cell and a BQ25570 harvester. The other one is battery-powered and does not yet have a solar input.

Battery (Nord) 4.10 V4.10 V4.11 V
Battery (Schatten) 3.96 V3.95 V4.00 V