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I mostly take these for myself, but since this is The Internet I also publish them here. Note that I mainly do this because I can; don't expect the images to be particularly good ;-)

Unless noted otherwise, all of these documents may be used under the terms of the CC-BY 4.0 license.

2010-07-18 Essen Stillleben A40 zwischen Dortmund und Duisburg
2010-11-13 Oberhausen OpenRheinRuhr 2010
2011-08-24 Niedersachsen Ehemaliger Moorexpress
2011-08-27 Niedersachsen Teufelsmoor
2012-08-07 Arosa, CH Arosa
2013-09 Darmstadt MRMCD 2013
2014-06 Karlsruhe GPN14
2014-09 Darmstadt MRMCD 2014
2014-12 Hamburg 31C3
2015-06 Karlsruhe GPN15
2015-12 Hamburg 32C3
2016-06 Karlsruhe GPN16
2016-09 Darmstadt MRMCD 2016
Diverse Düsseldorf CCC Düsseldorf / Chaosdorf e.V.
Diverse Essen S-Bahn S6