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Part of my work at Osnabrück University is focused on energy models for embedded system peripherals, such as radio modules, displays, or sensors.

Some of these models are published here. For an introduction to the model type (Paratemerized Priced Timed Automata) and how they are automatically generated, please refer to D. Friesel, M. Buschhoff, and O. Spinczyk: Parameter-Aware Energy Models for Embedded-System Peripherals. If you use them in a scientific publication, please cite.

Note: Both the measurement device used to create these models, MIMOSA, and the workflow for model generation (see above) are research projects. Although they were already found to work reasonably well (less than 1% error in the mA range for MIMOSA measurements and less than 1% model error for most automatically generated models), there may be inaccuracies.