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For whatever reason, Makies Tentacle is one of the first 3D-printed objects I encountered at Chaosdorf and it kind of stuck with me. So, in classic Hackspace fashion, it evolved into all sorts of things, including decorative silicone tentacles and tentacle candles. We made these by 3D-printing tentacle molds (for silicone tentacles) or tentacle mold molds (for tentacle candles, soap, etcetera).

Tentacle Tentacle mold Silicone Mold with silicone Tentacle RGB tentacle

How to

  • Take a suitable object, such as Makies Tentacle
  • Generate and print a mold in two parts (OpenSCAD source)
  • Apply release agent (e.g. petroleum ether and/or vaseline) to the inner surfaces
  • Fill with two-component silicone
  • Wait a few hours for it to cure

Note that cured silicone and freshly mixed silicone bond very well. Combined with silicone colours, this allows for multi-colored tentacles.

See Chaosdorf Wiki for details. You can also make tentacle soap.