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pyggle generates a static HTML image gallery from filenames passed on the command line. It aims to do this one thing well and does not support anything else. Features include:

  • chronological sorting of images via EXIF or filesystem timestamps (--sort, --reverse)
  • Grouping images by day/month/year (--group, --group-files)
  • Reverse geocoding to add place names and OpenStreetMap links to image details (--with-nominatim, --nominatim-zoom)
  • Altering images for publication – note that these edit all files in place (--scrub-metadata, --resize, --exif-copyright)


See the galleries linked from finalrewind.org/pics.


There is no Python package and thus no installation process.

Clone the git repository and run pyggle from the directory you want to have the gallery in, while passing it some image files. I.e.:

cd /some/directory
/another/directory/pyggle/bin/pyggle *.jpg

See pyggle --help for a list of options.

All image files must be located in or below the current working directory.