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ESP8266 Lua/NodeMCU framebuffer + module for SSD1306 OLEDs

esp8266-nodemcu-ssd1306 provides an ESP8266 NodeMCU Lua module (ssd1306.lua), framebuffer (framebuffer.lua) and fonts (pixeloperator.lua, terminus16.lua) for using SSD1306-based OLEDs with ESP8266/NodeMCU firmware.


ssd1306.lua and framebuffer.lua have been tested with Lua 5.1 on NodeMCU firmware 3.0.1 (Release 202112300746, integer build). They require the following modules.

  • bit
  • i2c


Copy framebuffer.lua, ssd1306.lua and (depending on your font choice) pixeloperator.lua or terminus16.lua to your NodeMCU board and set them up as follows.

i2c.setup(0, sda_pin, scl_pin, i2c.SLOW)
ssd1306 = require("ssd1306")
fn = require("pixeloperator") -- or "terminus16"
fb = require("framebuffer")

ssd1306.init(128, 64) -- assuming that a 128x64 OLED is connected
ssd1306.contrast(255) -- maximum contrast
fb.init(128, 64) -- initialize framebuffer for 128x64 pixels
fb.print(fn, "Hello from NodeMCU!\nHello yes, this is Lua\n")