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Running Bad Apple on all kinds of output devices has become kind of a meme, possibly because it is well-suited for monochrome displays. This is my personal collection of Bad Apple playback on various devices and displays.

Sharp LS013B4DN04 Transflective LCD

96×72px playback at 7 FPS on a TI MSP430FR5994 microcontroller. The entire video is stored on the microcontroller, using just 240 kB text segment and 8 kB RAM thanks to zlib-deflate-nostdlib. It runs for several minutes off the on-board supercap without external power supply. Source.


86×64px playback at 10 FPS on a TI MSP430FR5994 microcontroller. Source.

Onyx Boox Max Lumi

1400×1050px playback at 20-or-so FPS using the HDMI input of a borrowed Onyx Boox Max Lumi 13.3" E-Paper tablet. E-Paper has come far – playback is quite smooth at the cost of visible ghosting.