~derf / projects / Travel-Status-DE-URA / release / Travel::Status::DE::URA v2.00
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Travel-Status-DE-URA-2.00.tar.gz (signature)

  • Add support for bus departures in London supplied by the TfL URA service
  • New module: Travel::Status::GB::TfL
  • Rename aseag-m to ura-m
  • Rename short option -s (corresponding to --strftime) to -f
  • Rename short option -S (corresponding to --strfrel) to -F
  • New options: -s / --service selects a backend service (defaults to ASEAG), --list lists supported backend services, --ura-base sets a backend service by URL, and --ura-version sets the backend service version
  • Travel::Status::DE::URA::Result: Add ->platform accessor (shortcut for ->stop_indicator)