~derf / projects / Travel-Status-DE-URA / release / Travel::Status::DE::URA v0.05
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Travel-Status-DE-URA-0.05.tar.gz (signature)

  • aseag-m: Rename -a / -b / -f / -r to -oa / -ob / -of / -oT
  • aseag-m: New option -or (show partial route)
  • URA->new: Rename full_routes option to calculate_routes. The before/after parameters are no longer supported, instead any true parameter causes all routes to be calculated
  • URA::Result: Remove route_timetable accessor. Use route_pre / route_post instead
  • Ura::Result: Add route_pre, route_post and route_interesting accessors
  • new module: Travel::Status::DE::URA::Stop (describes a stop as a part of a departure's route)