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hafas-m ist ein CLI-Client für HAFAS-basierte Ankunfts-/Abfahrtstafeln. Abhängig von Ort und ausgewähltem HAFAS-Service kann es Fahrten des Regional-/Fernverkehrs oder auch das lokale Nahverkehrsangebot mit Echtzeitdaten anzeigen. Hinweise zur Installation und eine Liste unterstützter Backends finden sich im Travel::Status::DE::DeutscheBahn README.

hafas-m is a comamndline client for HAFAS-based arrival/departure monitors. It shows arrivals or departures of trains as well as local transit services. The level of detail depends on the selected HAFAS service. See the Travel::Status::DE::DeutscheBahn README for installation instructions and supported services.

Abfahrtstafel (departure board)

> hafas-m 'Dortmund Universität'
15:11      Schw-B HB2  Campus Süd, Dortmund
15:13  +1  S 1         Dortmund Hbf                    2
15:15      Schw-B HB1  Technologiezentrum, Dortmund
15:15      Schw-B HB1  Eichlinghofen H-Bahn, Dortmund
15:16      Schw-B HB2  Campus Süd, Dortmund
15:18  +1  S 1         Essen Hbf                       1
15:18      Bus 447     Bandelstraße, Dortmund
15:20      Bus 447     Hacheney, Dortmund

Stationssuche (station search)

> hafas-m '?Universität'
 8006513  Stuttgart Universität
 8000453  Freiburg Messe/Universität
 8004419  Dortmund Universität
 8070769  Bonn Universität/Markt

> hafas-m '51.21277:6.79956'
  0.2 km    366253  Flügelstraße, Düsseldorf
  0.2 km    369007  Kruppstraße, Düsseldorf
  0.2 km    653532  Gangelplatz, Düsseldorf

Zuginfo (train details)

> hafas-m '!ICE 947'
ICE 947 → Berlin Ostbahnhof / Zug 947 / Linie 10
Fahrt 1|177182|0|81|1012024 am 01.01.2024

        19:52           Düsseldorf Hbf → Berlin Ostbahnhof
19:58 → 20:00       ..  Düsseldorf Flughafen
20:08 → 20:10       ..  Duisburg Hbf
20:21 → 20:23       ..  Essen Hbf
20:33 → 20:34       ..  Bochum Hbf
20:45 → 20:48       ..  Dortmund Hbf
21:13 → 21:17 (+6)  .o  Hamm(Westf)Hbf
21:42 → 21:44 (+6)  .o  Bielefeld Hbf
22:32 → 22:34 (+3)  .o  Hannover Hbf
23:05 → 23:06 (+2)  .o  Wolfsburg Hbf
23:34 → 23:36 (+4)  .o  Stendal Hbf
00:11                   Berlin-Spandau
00:27                   Berlin Hbf
00:37                   Berlin Ostbahnhof

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-5.05.tar.gz (signature)

  • ÖBB backend: handle midnight crossing and fix associated warnings (patch by Cassidy Dingenskirchen)
  • ÖBB backend: adjust request version to fix backend errors with certain trains (patch by Cassidy Dingenskirchen)

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-5.04.tar.gz (signature)

  • Journey: Add is_additional accessor
  • Stop: Add is_additional accessor

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-5.03.tar.gz (signature)

  • Journey: Fix route_interesting accessor (broken by 5.00)

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-5.02.tar.gz (signature)

  • Fix calls to $journey->route crashing in handle_day_change or add_message in some circumstances if the $hafas object that created $journey has gone out of scope (and become eligible for garbage collection) in the meantime. The culprit was a mis-application of weaken() introduced in v5.01.
  • hafas-m: Add -v/--via option

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-5.01.tar.gz (signature)

  • Fix incorrect handling of HIM messages (introduced in 4.19)
  • hafas-m: Declutter station board output: sort by real-time data and show all messages at the end
  • Journey: Support construction from JSON that does not provide a date attribute (i.e., add date parameter to constructor)
  • Stop: Add messages accessor

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-5.00.tar.gz (signature)

  • hafas-m: Add --raw-json option (useful for HAFAS client development)
  • hafas-m: Add train search support, e.g. "hafas-m '!EC 6'"
  • HAFAS->new, HAFAS->new_p: Add journeyMatch flag
  • Add Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS::Location module
  • HAFAS::Stop: Fix some documented accessors not being provided by the module
  • HAFAS::Stop: Add "loc" accessor that returns the corresponding Location instance
  • HAFAS::Stop: Breaking change: The "eva", "name", "lat", "lon", "distance_m", and "weight" accessors are no longer supported. Use the (identically named) Location accessors instead, i.e., $stop->loc->name instead of $stop->name, etc.

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.19.tar.gz (signature)

  • hafas-m: Fall back to locationSearch if StopFinder is unavailable
  • Message: Expose message type; document ->code and ->type accessors

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.18.tar.gz (signature)

  • Allow HAFAS and hafas-m users to specify the backend language
  • Update services list to include known language specifiers
  • hafas-m: Add -l / --language option
  • HAFAS->new, ->new_p: Add language option

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.16.tar.gz (signature)

  • Journey: Fix date parser for cross-midnight journeys that start on the 1st through 9th day of a month.

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.17.tar.gz (signature)

  • Journey: handle empty / undefined nameS fields

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.14.tar.gz (signature)

  • Journey: Correctly calculate datetimes when requesting a cross-midnight journey after midnight. Previously, those were off by 24 hours.

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.13.tar.gz (signature)

  • new_p: Return a Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS instance in addition to the error message when rejecting a promise after receiving a HAFAS reply

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.12.tar.gz (signature)

  • Fix Journey->route and HAFAS geoSearch / locationSearch returning incorrect geocoordinates (latitude and longitude were mixed up)

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.10.tar.gz (signature)

  • HAFAS->new, ->new_p: Add locationSearch option (search stops by name)
  • Journey->route, ->route_interesting: Return Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS::Stop instances

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.09.tar.gz (signature)

  • HAFAS->new: Add geoSearch option (search stops by coordinates)

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.08.tar.gz (signature)

  • Journey: Correctly report route_end / originin arrivals mode
  • Journey->route: Add platform, sched_platform, rt_platform, and is_changed_platform accessors

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.07.tar.gz (signature)

  • hafas-m: Fix uninitialized value warnings in "--list" output
  • Improve support for non-DB HAFAS instances
  • Fix day change handling in departure board mode. Previously, journeys arriving / departing after midnight had wrong timestamps in some cases.

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.06.tar.gz (signature)

  • HAFAS->station: rename "uic" to "eva"; add "names" and "evas" keys
  • Rename Journey->station_uic to Journey->station_eva

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.05.tar.gz (signature)

  • StopFinder: add new_p constructor for async requests via promises

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.04.tar.gz (signature)

  • Journey->is_cancelled: correctly report cancellations in station board mode

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.03.tar.gz (signature)

  • HAFAS: Add "station" accessor
  • Journey: Add station, station_uic and line_no accessors
  • Journey->line now returns journey type as well as line number
  • Journey->line_no provides the old Journey->line behaviour
  • Journey: Add route_interesting accessor

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.02.tar.gz (signature)

  • HAFAS->new: Add "results" and "lookahead" options
  • Build.PL: Specify File::Slurp test dependency

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.01.tar.gz (signature)

  • Journey: Add "class" accessor
  • Message: Correctly document "short" and "text" accessors ("header" and "lead" were not supported), add is_him accessor
  • Specify List::MoreUtils and List::Util dependencies for bin/hafas-m

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-4.00.tar.gz (signature)

  • Use mgate.exe HAFAS interface instead of stboard.exe/bhftafel.exe. This introduces several breaking changes in hafas-m, Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS, and Travel::StatuS::DE::HAFAS::Result.
  • hafas-m: Options -l/--lang, -L/--ignore-late, and -u/--url are no longer supported
  • hafas-m now supports journey details by specifying a journey ID instead of a station name.
  • Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS->new: date and time keys are no longer supported. Use datetime instead.
  • Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS->new: lang key is no longer supported.
  • Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS->new: url key is no longer supported.
  • Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS->new: mode key is no longer supported. Set arrivals to a true value to request arrivals instead of departures.
  • Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS->new: add optional cache key and support for journey requests with optional with_polyline key.
  • Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS: add new_p constructor for async requests via Promises.
  • Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS: Add result and messages accessors.
  • Rename Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS::Result to ...::Journey. The accessors sched_date, date, info, countdown, countdown_sec, raw_e_delay, raw_delay, sched_time, time, train, train_no and line_no are no longer supported. Introduces several new ones instead.
  • The module no longer depends on XML::LibXML
  • New dependency: Digest::MD5

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-3.01.tar.gz (signature)

  • Fix support for ÖBB and other backends which recently switched from two- to four-digit years

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-3.00.tar.gz (signature)

  • Result: The date, datetime, and time accessors now report realtime data if available
  • Result: Add sched_date, sched_datetime, and sched_time accessors for schedule data

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-2.05.tar.gz (signature)

  • Document LWP::Protocol::https dependency
  • Remove BVG (Berliner Verkehrsgesellschaft) and SBB (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen) services

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-2.04.tar.gz (signature)

  • Handle invalid XML when using the VBB backend

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-2.02.tar.gz (signature)

  • New dependencies: DateTime and DateTime::Format::Strptime
  • Result: New accessors ->datetime, ->countdown and ->countdown_sec

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-2.01.tar.gz (signature)

  • Result: Fix ->type accessor (was not working for all backends)
  • Result: Add ->train_no / ->line_no accessor

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-2.00.tar.gz (signature)

  • This release is NOT backwards compatible with 1.xx versions
  • It now uses the HAFAS API instead of parsing bahn.de/ris and also supports various other HAFAS installations
  • New module dependencies: JSON, List::MoreUtils
  • Renamed db-ris to hafas-m
  • New modules: Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS and Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS::StopFinder
  • Renamed Travel::Status::DE::DeutscheBahn::Resultto Travel::Status::DE::HAFAS::Result
  • db-ris/hafas-m: The options -f / --full-route and -v/--via are no longer supported
  • db-ris/hafas-m: New options -s / --service, -u / --url and --list
  • Travel::Status::DE::DeutscheBahn/HAFAS->new: The mot parameter is no longer supported. Use the new excluded_mots and exclusive_mots parameters instead
  • Travel::Status::DE::DeutscheBahn/HAFAS->new: Add service and url parameters
  • Travel::Status::DE::DeutscheBahn/HAFAS: Add errcode, similar_stops and get_active_service accessors
  • Travel::Status::DE::DeutscheBahn/HAFAS: Add static methods get_services and get_service
  • Result: Remove route, route_raw, route_info, route_interesting and route_timetable accessors
  • Result: Add is_changed_platform and messages accessors
  • Result->info is now undef instead of an empty string when no information is available

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-1.05.tar.gz (signature)

  • Result->route_interesting: Also consider airports
  • Result: Add route_info accessor
  • Result: Add is_cancelled accessor

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-1.04.tar.gz (signature)

  • Result: Add type accessor
  • DeutscheBahn->new: Add lwp_options parameter to pass options to LWP::UserAgent->new

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-1.03.tar.gz (signature)

  • Add primitive JSON serializer to Travel::Status::DE::DeutscheBahn::Result
  • Fix $result->delay (was broken by changes in the RIS output format)

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-1.02.tar.gz (signature)

  • Respect proxy environment variables
  • Add -a / --arrivals option to show arrivals instead of departures
  • Disable smartmatch warnings on perl ≥ 5.018

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-1.01.tar.gz (signature)

  • Detect ambiguous input errors (available via errstr)
  • Add language switch for additional information (german/english)


  • Result: Add line (== train) and date accessors


  • Add -l / --lang option

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-1.00.tar.gz (signature)


  • Add --full-route option


  • Fix bug when receiving no platform numbers from the DB RIS


  • Add route_timetable accessor containing station names and their corresponding arrival times

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-0.05.tar.gz (signature)

  • Fix ->results returning duplicate connections when accessed more than one time
  • new: Only die when encountering wrong options, set ->errstr otherwise
  • Adds new ->errstr accessor to check for request errors

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-0.04.tar.gz (signature)


  • The info accessor now strips the mostly useless "k.A." / "pünktlich" (train on time) text parts
  • Add (slightly experimental) route_interesting accessor
  • Add delay accessor

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-0.03.tar.gz (signature)

  • Clarify derl dependency (we actually need >= 5.10.1)
  • Strip leading / trailing whitespace in result fields

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-0.02.tar.gz (sig)


  • Only display info when a train is late, not when on time / unknown
  • Add --ignore-late option


  • Add route_raw accessor
  • Proper HTTP request error handling
  • Strip leading whitespace from ::Result info
  • Do not include canceled stops in the route

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-0.01.tar.gz (signature)

  • Initial release
  • Crawls almost all data available in the web interface