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App-Raps2-0.51.tar.gz (signature)

  • Major usability improvements
  • New dependency Config::Tiny
  • New configuration file .config/raps2/defaults
  • Add --cost option to set cost for raps2 add
  • raps2 add: Use pwgen to create password if none is specified
  • Add --no-echo, --paste and --pwgen-cmd options for raps2 add / pwgen


  • new: Add pwgen_cmd argument
  • Add create_defaults, load_defaults, conf and generate_password methods
  • pw_save: Add optional cost argument
  • pw_load, pw_load_info: Now also return the key setup cost


  • encrypt, decrypt: Now take hash as argument, keys are data/salt/cost


  • to_clipboard: Return undef if xclip dosn't run, true otherwise