~derf / projects / App-Raps2 / release / App::Raps2 v0.50
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App-Raps2-0.50.tar.gz (sig)

  • Switch to perl version scheme
  • Remove Test::MockObject dependency
  • Declare Test::Fatal dependency


  • Move cmd_* functions into raps2
  • Rename pw_add t pw_save
  • Rename pw_get to pw_load
  • pw_load now also returns the salt
  • file_to_hash now returns a hashref instead of a hash
  • Allow password to be passed as argument to get_master_password
  • Add pw_load_info method
  • The 'salt' argument to pw_add is now optional
  • Add the 'master_password' option to the 'new' method
  • Add the no_cli option to App::Raps2->new()