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This device maps four HDMI inputs to two outputs. Each output can be individually controlled using either a select button on the device or two rows of buttons on the remote control. The IR receiver is built-in.

Button Address Command
A 1 0x00 0x00
A 2 0x00 0x01
A 3 0x00 0x02
A 4 0x00 0x03
A Previous 0x00 0x04
A Next 0x00 0x05
B 1 0x00 0x09
B 2 0x00 0x0A
B 3 0x00 0x0B
B 4 0x00 0x0C
B Previous 0x00 0x0D
B Next 0x00 0x0E

Image of the remote control shipped with the device