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Okay. I decided to have as much website redundancy as one can get with one VM (steel) and one homeserver (aneurysm). I don't really know I got this idea, but it's probably my general backup and redundancy obsession ;-)

Now, the setup is as follows:

  • aneurysm.derf0.net stores data only on aneurysm (/tmp and the like)
  • steel.derf0.net stores data only on steel (/tmp for other files)
  • derf.homelinux.org is the main website, hosted on aneurysm. It is built by ikiwiki and automatically mirrored to steel, where it is reachable as finalrewind.org. Now I just have to decide if I stick to derf.homelinux.org or use finalrewind.org as "main url" for my website...
  • feh.finalrewind.org is also managed by ikiwiki. It is built on aneurysm, automatically mirrored to steel, and served from steel
  • man.finalrewind.org is generated by custom stuff and hosted from aneurysm. Not mirrored yet, will be fixed.
  • lib.finalrewind.org hosts large images and is therefore served from steel. Its "base" is also on steel, aneurysm regularly mirrors from there

This time, I'm using rsync instead of unison to do the syncing, mostly because all the websites have the generation scripts only on one host, so it does not make sense to do a two-way sync. The vhosts are managed by lighttpd with mod_evhost.

On a side note: I had another DynDNS problem yesterday (the FritzBox did not update properly) and finally decided that a homeserver is a nice toy, but when one reaches the point where one has websites which are meant to be available all the time, it's really better to host elsewhere. I think I reached that point a year ago, so... yeah. About time.

The next logical step would be to sync the ikiwiki sources instead of the output and have the git repos etc. on both hosts, so when one goes down I can just push to the other (and maybe change the DNS records). But that's probably a bit overdone, especially for low-traffic sites like mine.