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(because it's way more awesome than using just a Wiimote)

For this to work, you will need an up-to-date cwiid installation, the most important part is commit b54bd05.

Next, check out neverball svn and apply tilt wii.patch.

Build it (make ENABLE_TILT=wii), then run ./neverball and press the Balance Board's red sync button.

If everything works out, the Power LED should turn on. Now you can use the mouse / keyboard to select the level to play, and then control the level itself using the Balance Board.

There's a (really low-quality) Video (also on Youtube) available. I hope to have a higher resolution and less laggy one by saturday.

For the record, the complete patched tilt wii.c is also available.

I've got a new Video! (also on Youtube). As you can see, controlling neverball this way is pretty hard :)

With the most recent Patch, you can control the level with the balance board and the camera and menus with the wiimote. Usage: Start neverball, connect wiimote, wait 'til the leds stop blinking, then connect balance board. There are some timing issues right now, so if it crashes while connecting the devices, just try again.