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Just a quick note: feh v1.13 has been released yesterday. Download.

Its main feature is Xinerama-aware background setting. That is, if you have two or more monitors, feh --bg-fill and the likes will no longer behave as if you just had one display connected, but instead set the image properly scaled on each monitor. This is a bgs feature I've been wanting to implement for quite a while.

If you have a wallpaper which is designed for your multimonitor setup, you can use the --no-xinerama switch to get the old behaviour, e.g. feh --no-xinerama --bg-fill foo.jpg.

The only background option which does not support Xinerama is --bg-tile. The reason for this is that if you use tiling, you probably have a wallpaper which repeats itself and does not care where on the monitor it starts/stops, so there should be no need to care about the monitor setup.

What's also new in this release: When you call feh without file arguments, it will now simply display all images in the current directory instead of exiting. To save you typing those two extra characters after the feh options :-)

As for bugfixes: Reloading finally works properly and not only after the second try (stupid Imlib2 caching...), and you can now use %h and the likes in --title without feh segfaulting when encountering an unloadable image.

That's about it. Now on to feh 1.14. :p