~derf / projects / App-Slackeria / release / slackeria v0.12
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App-Slackeria-0.12.tar.gz (signature)

  • Note that we actually need perl >= 5.10.1 (for the parent pragma)


  • Argument validation, add -h/--help option


  • Rename App::Slackeria::Plugin to App::Slackeria::PluginLoader
  • Rename App::Slackeria::Plugin::Base to App::Slackeria::Plugin
  • Move template to separate file, adds dependency File::ShareDir
  • Because of that, we now need Module::Build >= 0.36


  • Switch from whohas to custom parser using LWP::Simple and XML::LibXML
  • Now checks version in Debian Sid by default
  • Add 'distribution' configuration parameter to select which Debian distribution (wheezy, sid, etc.) to check
  • Add 'href' configuration parameter