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App::Raps2 v0.53
Password safe, take two
Travel-Routing-DE-VRR v2.10
Interface to the VRR online itinerary service



These projects are neither developed nor maintained any more. Some do offer basic functionality, though.

App::Slackeria v0.12
Project status overview


Travel-Routing-DE-VRR-2.10.tar.gz (signature)

  • efa: Changed -p/--proximity` default walking time from 8 to 10 minutes
  • efa: The -p/--proximity` option now takes an optional duration argument
  • EFA: use_near_stops now accepts an integer (interpreted as walking time in minutes) instead of a boolean value

Travel-Status-DE-IRIS-1.02.tar.gz (signature)

  • Added github repo to dist metadata and the doc
  • Result: distinguish between overcrowded trains (q97) and very overcrowded trains (q96)
  • Result: Verify delay key 60 ("delays because of storm")
  • Result: Add qos key 70 ("no wifi" -- not entirely sure yet)

Travel-Status-DE-IRIS-1.01.tar.gz (signature)

  • IRIS->new: Fix default lwp_options value (was documented, but not used)
  • Result->route_interesting: Also consider airports
  • Stations: Update DS100 code list. Fixes 9 stations in Köln, Düsseldorf and Wuppertal which had a wrong code/name combination assigned due to a parser error

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-1.05.tar.gz (signature)

  • Result->route_interesting: Also consider airports
  • Result: Add route_info accessor
  • Result: Add is_cancelled accessor

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-1.04.tar.gz (signature)

  • Result: Add type accessor
  • DeutscheBahn->new: Add lwp_options parameter to pass options to LWP::UserAgent->new

Travel-Status-DE-IRIS-1.00.tar.gz (signature)

  • IRIS->new: Use lwp_options to explicitly pass arguments to the LWP::UserAgent constructor. Unknown arguments are now longer implicitly passed on
  • db-iris: Improve output format for wing trains

Travel-Status-DE-VRR-1.09.tar.gz (signature)

  • EFA: Fix crash when ->results is called after a network error occured
  • EFA: Add timeout parameter to constructor (default: 10 seconds)
  • efa-m: Add --timeeout option

Travel-Status-DE-IRIS-0.10.tar.gz (signature)

  • Result: Fix deep recursion error in TO_JSON

Travel-Status-DE-IRIS-0.09.tar.gz (signature)

  • Result: Add arrival_wings, departure_wings and is_wing accessors (a wing train is coupled to the respective departure, but has its own ID)
  • db-iris: Indicate wings in output
  • Result: Remove train_no_transfer accessor (was based on erroneous assumptions)
  • Result: Add is_unscheduled, replaced_by and replacement_for accessors
  • db-iris: Add -oR to show replacement information

Travel-Status-DE-URA-0.04.tar.gz (signature)

  • New dependency: Text::CSV
  • Fix ASEAG parser (was fragile and broken by changes in the backend output)
  • Travel::Status::DE::URA::Result: Add ->type accessor for compatibility with other Travel::Status modules (always returns "Bus" at the moment)
  • Encoding is hard - it may be broken if your LWP::UserAgent or perl is too old

Travel-Status-DE-IRIS-0.08.tar.gz (signature)

  • Clarify Result->train_id documentation
  • Add IRIS delay/qos keys 13, 60, 75, 76

Travel-Routing-DE-VRR-2.09.tar.gz (signature)

  • Travel::Routing::DE::EFA::Exception::Ambiguous: Add post_value accessor which contains the ambiguous input value
  • Improve error messages
  • Add VRR2 and DING EFA services

Travel-Status-DE-IRIS-0.07.tar.gz (signature)

  • Fix a crash related to unscheduled additional stops in a train's route
  • Improve Travel::Status::DE::IRIS::Stations matching
  • Add IRIS delay/qos keys 56, 59, 61, 65, 73, 74, 77

The perl module LWP::UserAgent (at version 6.08) does not play well with custom CA certificates and most online resources seem to be outdated. Two notes on that (which may or may not apply to non-Debian systems as well):

  • If a certificate failed verification, you will not get a nice error message. Temporary workaround: sudo mv /usr/share/perl/5.20.1/IO/Socket/IP.pm{,_} (and then later sudo mv /usr/share/perl/5.20.1/IO/Socket/IP.pm{,_})
  • LWP::UserAgent does not support custom certificates installed with update-ca-certificates. You'll need HTTPS_CA_FILE=/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt in your environment.

Travel-Status-DE-IRIS-0.06.tar.gz (signature)

  • New non-core module dependency: List::Compare
  • Add support for canceled and additional stops
  • db-iris: Add options -oa and -oc
  • Result: Add accessors additional_stops and canceled_stops
  • Improve support for delayed trains
  • Support additional IRIS delay messages

Travel-Status-DE-DeutscheBahn-1.03.tar.gz (signature)

  • Add primitive JSON serializer to Travel::Status::DE::DeutscheBahn::Result
  • Fix $result->delay (was broken by changes in the RIS output format)

Travel-Status-DE-IRIS-0.05.tar.gz (signature)

  • Support additional IRIS delay messages

Travel-Routing-DE-VRR-2.08.tar.gz (signature)

  • efa: Add -l / --list option
  • efa: Add -s / --service option
  • Travel::Routing::DE::EFA::get_efa_urls() now returns a list of hashrefs
  • Documentation improvements

Travel-Routing-DE-VRR-2.07.tar.gz (signature)

  • Add URLs for several austrian EFA services (pointed out by Gregor Herrmann)
  • Support EFA services which do not distinguish between scheduled and realtime data (also pointed out by Gregor Herrmann)
  • efa: Add -D/--discover option
  • efa: Add -A/--auto-url option
  • Travel::Routing::DE::EFA: Add get_efa_urls method
  • efa: Remove --post option from documentation (it has not been supported since version 1.04)

Travel-Routing-DE-VRR-2.06.tar.gz (signature)

  • Route::Part: Add {arrival,departure}_{route,station}maps accessors
  • efa: Add -m / --maps option
  • Fix exclude / --exclude (didn't work at all previously, possibly because of a server-side API change)